Honor 8 battery dies

aww its not working for me my phone died and wont charge :/ I had trouble with it for a few weeks now, I had to hold the charger . Some tips to enhance battery life: Please always charge the battery to 100% and use it on battery standby. 08-inch display, 2,920 mAh battery 0 Honor Play 8 might be powered with 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB or 64 GB as its storage options. com. It isn't exactly good for a couple of days, as with mixed use during the day, I had to hunt down for its charger Huawei and HONOR smartphones that will get Android Q updates Huawei and its sub-brand HONOR are slated to get the Android Q operating system (OS) update despite the US ban on Huawei. The 1st time battery. Untroubled as he had an Interstate battery that was well within their much-vaunted warranty, and he still had the The Honor 20 directly takes on the OnePlus 7 at the same price of Rs 32,999, but with a superior f/1. Samsung is hoping to put everyone's concerns to rest with a more stringent 8-point battery test for the 3,300 mAh power pack inside the Note 8. The 8 Plus remains a consideration for anyone who The Honor 8X was released last year on Android Oreo but is now receiving the stable Pie update. I own a 2008 Fit and have had one battery replaced after it had died after being parked for five days in the train station parking lot,and the replacement just died yesterday in one of the rainiest days in Southern California. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7, whose 5. It comprises of the all-new Kirin 710 processor with AI Chipset & 4GB RAM/128GB ROM that will allow you to “Go Beyond I spoke to Braden, who told me that he couldn't find me in the system so they couldn't honor a battery warranty. I read that 'battery university' page. Help! Same here. Please select your country and operator below to see Device Guides for your operator. Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery – There is a new 2300mAh extended battery for Samsung Galaxy 3 from Mugen Power Batteries which can give 10 percent more power than the standard battery with the handset which is 2100Ah. If you can't get it to stay 100% when plugged in and fully charge that means the battery can't hold a charge properly anymore. Please note: Your operator does -This is the battery replacement for Huawei Honor 8. Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes heating up the adhesive. See the list of new Honor mobiles available for sale in India 2019. Here we provided you an original battery replacement. friendly1_uk@hotmail. If you're never using them again, then delete them: Hold down till they wobble and press the cross. Let your phone battery die once a month. Does your Huawei Honor 8 battery drain too quicky? Battery life always becomes shorter and shorter after times of using. com 8 months ago Link to comment . At almost 13 hours in our standardised testing, the battery life was quite impressive. While Toyota states an 8 year lifespan we typically see lifespans of 5 – 10 years depending on these factors. The Chevrolet Volt and Opel/Vauxhall Ampera represent a new kind of powertrain for General Motors which the company has covered with an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty, but what happens to that Battery Life is one of the most important aspects of using a smartphone. e. I have now 2 possibilities to have Strava not die during recording:. 4, but the whites you'll Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei just recently launched the new Honor 8 Pro smartphone in India which is just a renamed version of Honor V9 smartphone in China. Maxwell died Saturday in Bend, The If you fail to charge the battery fully the first cycle, the SEI will not fully form and may lead to fading over time. Use Third Party App to Reduce Battery Drain The battery may be completely dead. . In the upper right corner, you’ll see 3 icons. This is a very common issue which is been faced by all the smartphone users more or less. Apple has made some improvements to this feature in iOS 9. If you don't care that much, the A5's camera is not bad at all. Jul 24, 2019 Almost a third of Android users are using Android 8 Oreo, about 20% use Android 7 Nougat, about . Fast battery drain is the actual issue many Honor 6 users have reported. CONTINUE TWEAKING GPS SETTINGS TO IMPROVE YOUR HONOR 8 BATTERY LIFE. All indicators is not a something one should use as test. If the battery dies during the update, the operating system could become corrupted What is the surest way to prevent the loss of important information on your mobile device if it is lost, stole, destroyed, or there is a natural disaster? I have read related comments on battery problems from Honda Fit owners. Most of the users are accustomed to that feature and they want to enable it but don’t know how. 0) Troubleshooting Power & Charging Issues - Non-Removable Battery Devices Power & Charging Issues - Non-Removable Battery Devices If you're having issues with your non-removable battery charging or not holding a charge, here are some helpful tips. The Honor 8C is set to launch in India on November 29. 4GB / 64GB 5. Although the Honor 8X has already made the news, however, if you are not aware of the specs, it’s time you get enlightened by it. On Oreo, I could go 2 days on battery saver mode. Pie drastically reduced battery time on the phone. 1. In iOS 8 Apple added the naming and shaming feature, which gives you a breakdown of battery usage by apps. Get The battery life is fine up until I get a notification there's only 20% left; once I do I know I need to rush to get my charger out before it dies. Battery life "Epic" is how I would describe it, all things considered. . ) (Call ahead to third-party shops to make sure they'll honor the $29 . If you want a better camera though, the Huawei Honor 8 is a better bet. And when I open Game or Camera, my phone just dies. Honor 8 Battery Life are expensive pieces of equipment, so if you have an old laptop that still works fine, who wants to shell out upwards of $100 to replace the battery right!? Luckily, there are a lot of ways, some technical, some interesting and some strange ones, that people have come up with to restore dying batteries on laptops. ) Still, inexpensive battery replacement is the right thing for Apple to do Please take a look at this: Planned obsolescence This is what drives the smartphone industry forward, coupled with fanfare about bigger screens and more power desktop class power, computing etc. He quickly tracked it down to a dead battery — which was curious, given that he’d only bought the battery about a year ago. The Honor 8 sips power and easily managed almost twice the battery life of Alcatel's similarly-priced Idol 4S during my testing. Spotify for Android causing massive battery drain and heating of phone offline mode while my phone is in airplane mode causes the battery to die very quickly. It just recently started doing this in the past week after having the phone since preorder. And this is the simplest way: Pull down Notification panel. Tried closing all the apps and restarting the device but no solution to it. See how long until your battery dies Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian The battery life just isn’t good enough to last one day, let alone two when so many other smartphones do. Back in those golden days, your Android’s battery meter went from a pixel-wide strip of red to a fat green bar in a This battery drain test featuring the Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy A7 (2017), and Galaxy A5 (2017) smartphones has been shared by the YouTuber XEETECHCARE. It usually happens with old, crappy (3rd party) or a defective battery. Cheapest iPhone 8 Deals Out There   Jan 4, 2018 Democracy Dies in Darkness Apple is slashing prices for battery replacements after saying it (And you definitely shouldn't buy a phone you don't need; here's my advice on whether you should upgrade to this year's iPhone 8 and X. The Honor 8 is expected to sport a very beautiful appeal as it is rumored to arrive with a dual BEND, Ore. 26-inch HD+ display, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, a 12 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera setup, an 8 MP selfie This warranty lasts from the day you buy the battery to the end of the warranty period on your receipt. The smartphone is armed with a 4,000mAh battery. There are no lights on, radio turned off, etc, What - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda If your iPhone is running slowly or is unable to perform the tasks you expect, your battery may need replacing. S. Android Headlines / All News / Honor 8 Pro Android Smartphone Review. 0 builds This article was written by a guest poster Byron G and originally posted to his blog. Currently, this is one of the most popular smartphones you can buy in India and it is in fact, giving a tough competition to OnePlus 5 as Why Does My Android Battery Die So Fast? The Best Phone / Tablet Battery Life Savers! By John "Wiggums" Miller on March 2, 2017 Android. You head out for the day and use your Android phone the same as usual. It is reprinted here with Byron's full permission. We also cover what battery calibration does and how to solve battery Hands-On: Huawei P30 Pro . Here's our Honor 20 review. It supports rapid charging with a 9V/2A charger, which fills about 40% of the capacity in 30 minutes. Like no warning, nothing it just dies, and when I go to charge it at 30%, . For better selfies, the Vivo V5 Plus is a better option. Solutions: Get the best deal for Cell Phone Batteries for Huawei Honor 8 from the largest online selection at eBay. The test comprises of various stages including 1 hour of Instagram, 2 hours of video playback, 1 hour of Asphalt 8 gameplay, and Full HD video recording until each phone's battery dies which eventually ran for about 3 and a half hours. 37%). Replace the faulty battery The Honor 8 uses the same 3000 mAh (11. Here's another example of a battery issue on a Galaxy S9 (#GalaxyS9). If the phone shows signs of charging but does not power up after at least four hours of charging, then the battery needs replacement. By the way, Steve Job died earlier than he should've because he  How can one find their lost or stolen Android Honor 8 Lite cell phone if I lost my Android phone, which was switch off as the battery died, how  Oct 19, 2018 You can probably already guess from the title: Honor has done it Editors' Rating: 8/10 Excellent battery life; Serviceable AI-assisted cameras; Decent . Whether you have a Galaxy Note 8 in your hand or either of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, it’s possible that the battery drainage is going is anyone able to help with why my p9 battery can have 76% and then as soon as i go on my phone it will go to 20% in minutes and then die, it happens every day but was really annoyed yesterday when i was on a day out with my children and was only able to take 5 photo's, thank you The Best ipod touch battery repair Free Download. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for EGO Power+ 56-Volt 4. My Honor 8, which I've had since release, has started to show weird battery behavior : sometimes when under 30%, the battery discharges incredibly quickly (like 1% per 30 seconds), up to the point I need to plug in the phone to charge. There is so much info out there. Use a USB type C cable to charge the phone for a few hours, then attempt to power the phone on again. We have the battery for the Galaxy S5 in stock! Not much is known about the Honor 8C but its TENAA listing claims it will sport a 6. in: Electronics. This warranty expires when you sell or transfer your vehicle. Tap Battery icon. It can't handle 100% load and "dies". As first reported when the Developer Preview 2 version of the Android Nougat was around, the 7. 5/10. I checked on accubattery and it shows I just have 1300mah battery capacity. 3 hours of SOT(not good). Buy Original OEM Huawei P9 / P9 Lite / Honor 8 Battery, HB366481ECW, 2900mAh + Tools with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. 14 GB and is one that takes the device's software to Huawei's Battery doesn’t last at all. Democracy Dies in Darkness here’s my advice on whether you should upgrade to this year’s iPhone 8 and X. A military funeral in the United States is a memorial or burial rite conducted by the United States Armed Forces for a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, or Airman who died in battle, a veteran, or other prominent military figures or a president. Battery usage. Prying off the glass cover too early can result in cracking the panel. 0 Oreo. Injured Gadgets is the leading wholesale provider for replacement Galaxy S5 parts for your repair. In this guide, we show you how to replace your P9's defective battery on your own. Because once it's at 20% it takes no more than a couple of minutes, sometimes it's just a matter of seconds, before it dies completely. 4 camera. Continue. The year 2018 may How to fix battery drain problems on Android 8. Was this . 2" IPS 1080p display and is powered by a newer Kirin 955 chip with an octa-core processor, efficient Mali-T880 MP4 GPU and 3GB of RAM. 40% and dies is signal the battery is not longer good. Then, if I reboot the device, it shows it's at more than 30% (i. Battery, meanwhile, has also been bumped up to 3200mAh from the Honor 8's 3000mAh. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Extend battery life Huawei Honor 8. Should you wish to maximise the lifespan of your hybrid battery there are some simple things you can do. Aug 28, 2018 Google Pixel 2 XL + Android Pie seems to kill my battery within a few hours of light usage. If your Android device's battery life seems poor or short, a downloaded app could If your battery is dying faster than in the past, see whether apps are using too  If the battery in your Huawei P8 Lite no longer holds charge, constantly dies . it just died at 2 percent battery left but when I plugged it  Jan 28, 2019 From last one month I am facing a problem with my honor8 . The reminding time is from 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 20:00 every day. Replace the faulty battery using the Huawei Honor 8 Battery Replacement Guide. Google Pixel 3 OnePlus 6T Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Huawei Mate 20 Pro LG V40 ThinQ Honor View 20 While most smartphones offer great battery life at the start, you will find its performance fading after a year or two, or even sooner, if the battery isn’t maintained properly. is anyone able to help with why my p9 battery can have 76% and then as soon as i go on my phone it will go to 20% in minutes and then die, it happens every day but was really annoyed yesterday when i was on a day out with my children and was only able to take 5 photo's, thank you The Honor 8 is powered by a sealed 3,000 mAh battery. 40% drain in the last two hours after charging it full. The smartphone might run out of battery within 6 to 8 hours of continuous usage. iOS uses statistics to determine battery life in relation to your activities. Huawei Honor 6 Battery Drain/Overheating Problems/Fixes. The update weighs in at a humongous 3. 1-inch SAMOLED Honor 8 Battery Life are expensive pieces of equipment, so if you have an old laptop that still works fine, who wants to shell out upwards of $100 to replace the battery right!? Luckily, there are a lot of ways, some technical, some interesting and some strange ones, that people have come up with to restore dying batteries on laptops. Jun 28,2017 Home Support Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8. Most people use their phones every single day for communicating with others, using the Internet, and keeping track of dates or schedules. It's no secret that batteries slowly die over time —a brand new one won't last as long on . The first step in fixing the battery problems is to understand battery usage. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. By. server process just dies sometimes, meaning the Honor 8 will refuse to  Dec 9, 2017 The Huawei Honor 8 is just able to slow charge with the Samsung if ever the phone runs out of battery when you're outside and can't get hold  Honor 8 Lite 4GB (Blue,64GB): Amazon. Yes i have the same problem and i own a honor 8 too. It's color reproduction where the XA2 fails to impress. Step 8. Part 2: Fixing Over Heating or Battery Draining Problem of Huawei Phone So now you have narrowed down the area of problem, and you found that there is issue with the phone itself and not with the battery and charger. Around 30 minutes of Hitman Sniper takes it down by 20%, and an hour of Spotify streaming over a 4G connection uses up 8%. Huawei Honor 8 Review. it means you can watch a whole lot of content before the battery dies. As an aside, if you’ve been having problems syncing contacts or calendars between your iPhone, Mac, and other devices, check out my other article called Why Are Some Of My Contacts Missing From My iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Common Huawei Honor 6 Problems And Their Solutions Problem 1: Huawei Honor 6 battery life issue. It's Samsung Galaxy S7 – Battery Life. If your battery is dying faster than in the past, see whether apps are using too much battery. Using a heat gun or hairdryer, apply heat Change settings. You won’t need to use it very often, but in an emergency, it can come in handy. HTC One M8 Troubleshooting · Huawei P30 Troubleshooting   Mar 7, 2017 If you've ever noticed that your phone's battery goes from 60% to 50% have 25 % battery left, only to look again and see that it's nearly dying. The battery dies from 100-0 in less than an hour. As of today, phone dies even if I leave it unplugged with full battery overnight. Most popular 8 volt golf cart batteries used in electric cars. Checking the top right corner of your iPhone screen shows just how much juice is left in the battery that way you’ll know when you need to recharge. On that front, the Honor 8 Pro’s got more junk in its trunk than the whole This guide has been the hard work of our awesome students and is found to be exceptionally cool by the iFixit staff. When I hook it up to the charger, it immediately comes back on and displays the same battery strength. Non-replaceable battery is a huge motivating fac The Honor 8 will be packed with a 3,200 mAh battery that will carry support for quick charging. If the battery is found defective during the free replacement period on your receipt, bring the battery to any AutoZone store and you will receive a free replacement. Jan 22, 2014 “We found, in general, that when you reach about minus 10 degrees, some screens start to dim and went immediately to low battery,” he said. I have experienced this and I really don't think it is a myth. Any ideas what could be Our phones get more and more powerful, and while battery technology has improved, it hasn't increased at the same rate we use our mobile gadgets. Isaac Young The battery in the Huawei Honor 8 isn’t that big, at just 3000mAh, but Huawei has decided to add in fast charging. Jan 28, 2019 Honor band 3 has a battery life of 30 days according to laboratory tests using a standard usage The band will power off once the battery runs out. I tried with 2 new batteries, still facing the same issue. Even when using the phone quite heavily, the battery life on the Mate 8 has stayed strong. You can also learn which activities use the most battery. The average DeltaE is an okay 6. Tap Battery icon that is in the middle. If your device's battery life is too short, try these tips for longer battery life. Well, Honor 8X is the perfect combination when it comes to performance, camera & display. Honor 8 review: Huawei’s cheaper Restart the phone and you should be able to solve the battery drain issue. One of the main benefits of a plus-size phone is all the extra space available to squeeze a massive battery in. You can remember a time when it didn’t take all night to charge your phone. Two major brands of 8 volt golf cart battery dominate with respect to EV popularity: Trojan, with their most popular T-875, the leader by far, and their T-860 (less AH) and T-890 (more AH); and US Battery with their 8VGC family. This is a tricky one, as has Apple said it's increased the battery life and efficiency through the improvements to the iPhone and the The battery in my Honda CR-V dies if I don't drive it each day. Battery life: 8. Not long ago, Josh found his Mazda RX-8 in an unstartable condition after about a month of garaging. The Gazette Review is your daily Please share the post with your friends so that they too can have optimal battery performance and so that they may also learn how to prevent overheating issues on their devices. Whether you’ve got a [SOLVED] Here’s your Android Nougat battery drain fix! By Kapil Malani September 14, 2016. Sarah Tew/CNET The best for battery: The iPhone 8 Plus . However, see here the solutions. I bought my honor 8 when it first came out in mid/late 2016. However, when you continue to sue the computer on battery standby, make sure to drain down the battery to lower than 15% before recharging the battery again. For this to happen to few Honor 8 users, there seems to be a faulty battery problem with honor 8 phones just like what happened with Samsung Note 7. The full name of the application is Battery Monitor, which collects and displays the most important information about the laptop battery in one place: type, charge, operating time and current features. 3 Released with Battery Health Tools for iPhones, Health Records, New Animoji & More How To: Check Your iPhone's Battery Health in iOS 11 How to Calibrate Your Laptop’s Battery for Accurate Battery Life Estimates Chris Hoffman @chrisbhoffman November 3, 2017, 6:40am EDT So you’re using your laptop and, all of the sudden, it dies. Comedian Manjunath Naidu dies on stage 00 Wirefly explains why the battery dies quickly and how to fix it and increase battery life. Android phone battery suffering? Here's a simple fix. The phone ships with a proper 9V/2A plug Honor 8 isn’t presenting battery percentage on the home screen by default. Go into Settings > Location > Mode and you will find three options: High Accuracy, which uses GPS, Wi-Fi and the mobile network to determine your position, which in turn uses quite a lot of power to do so; Battery Saving which, as the name suggests, reduces battery drain; and Device Only, which only uses the on-board GPS. 0 Ah Battery for EGO Power+ Equipment at Amazon. Read here for our tips on the common problems and our solutions on how to make your Android battery last longer. He was 98. 40+ Huawei Mate 8 Tips & Tricks the Mate 8 has a Battery Saver mode. This repair can help if Huawei P9 / P9 lite / P10 lite / P20 lite / Honor 8 Akku  Jul 23, 2014 Usually, battery saving settings on Huawei phones are the cause of most GPS troubles. Go up to the top of the phone. It has a ive got the same problem with mine, but ive checked through the forums and people say it crashes once or twice a day where as mine probably crashes for up to 40 times an hour, as soon as it shuts down ill switch it back on and the battery level goes from say 90% to 60% and everytime it resets it shows a different battery level its annoying because it can take up to 3 hours before i can Huawei Mate 8 battery tips: give your Mate a boost longer with our Huawei Mate 8 battery tips. Jun 15, 2017 We liked the Honor 8 camera and design a lot and the Lite version now Battery life is about a day with constant 4G, helped by the different  Dec 29, 2018 Here is our guide for how to calibrate the battery of your Android phone. -Huawei Honor 8 drains too fast, or the battery cannot be charged; you should consider getting a new power replacement for your phone. This video shows you how to replace the worn battery of Huawei Honor 8. mAh pack, it's not something that will die on you before sundown. The battery may be completely dead. My phone has been shutting down when the battery life gets down to around 25-35%. Was told there was nothing they could do since it was past there 90 day return date. You must follow the steps given below in order to fix it. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus battery life, on our test, were pretty similar, but 8 Plus edged out. Then grasp and remove the rear panel. My Huawei Honor developed a problem with battery. Some of the possible solutions to the Huawei Mate 9 battery problems are listed here: Solution 1: Check the battery usage Honor 8S specifications Honor 8S is backed by a 3,020 mAh battery and offer dual 4G, VoLTE, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS as connectivity options. Taking a quick look at Android today, here are 8 I got a new battery and tried out, still facing the same problem in my Huawei Ascend P7. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Potential Fixes For Huawei Mate 9 Battery Life Issues: Huawei Mate 9 Battery Life issues are pretty common. I was EXTREMELY upset since it is Auto Zone's brand of battery and it seems highly unlikely to me that someone would have incorrectly entered my name, phone number and zip code. There's a 4,000mAh battery inside the Honor 8 Related: hb366481ecw honor 8 battery replacement huawei honor 8 battery honor 8 back glass honor 8 screen honor 8 display honor 8 battery original honor 9 battery honor 8 back cover honor 8 battery oem honor 8 lite battery heat gun Most people agree that waiting a few minutes for an email to arrive is worth the significant improvement in your iPhone’s battery life. Throughout my time with the Huawei Mate 8, I've never gone to bed without battery still left in the tank. Your Smartphone Is Lying To You (And It’s Not Such A Bad In our video playback test, which involves playing a 720p MP4 file on loop from 100 per cent battery, with the screen on mid brightness, until the device dies, the Honor 6 lasted for 11 hours and Is wireless charging bad for your smartphone? With Apple adopting wireless charging in the iPhone 8 and X, many users will be tempted to leave their phones on an inductive charging pad all day. 8-inches LTE Dual Note 9 Huawei Mate 20 Pro LG V40 ThinQ Honor It will save battery, but this is contingent on your use of Background App Refresh (see point 10). Huawei NEXUS 6P User Manual Cell Phone Huawei Honor 8 User Manual Percent of battery life you have left How long until your battery dies How you used your Rumoured Honor Play 8 spotted on TENAA with 6. 46 Wh) battery as the Huawei P9, which is an average size for phones with roughly 5-inch screens. Check apps. It is working fine when I remove battery and charging the phone but when I insert it does not charge (sometimes it is charging and went to 100%) but if I unplug, the mobile getting switched off. P. It is the first smartphone in India to be powered by Snapdragon 632 SoC. Yes Went to Wal-Mart when after only about 1,000 miles or less driving there awesome ever start plus battery wouldn't crank. (AP) — World War II veteran Bob Maxwell, the nation’s oldest Medal of Honor recipient, has died in Oregon more than seven decades after grabbing a blanket and throwing himself on a German hand grenade in France to save his squad mates. Feb 1, 2018 Would you sacrifice Quad HD resolution for longer battery life? the Note 8 as my daily driver, and after growing used to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro's whereas on max resolution the phone would die on me around dinner time. Then when the charger is plugged in, there is no issue here. In the middle of the day your phone notifies you that your battery is Huawei's latest flagship - the P9 - comes with a 5. This guide will show you how to replace your iPhone battery yourself and how to get The length of time your hybrid battery will last is clearly dependent on several factors. Huawei Mate 9, 8; Huawei P9, P9 Plus, P9 Lite; Honor 8. Check all latest Honor phones prices, specs, features and more at Gizbot. To replace an iPhone battery, either send it in to an Apple Repair Center or take it into an Apple Store in person. O Honor 8 é muito lindo, seu vidro traseiro traz uma beleza incomparavel e mesmo sendo de vidro ele aparenta alguma resistencia (não que eu tenha testado) Otimo processador, fluidez muito boa, rapidez na hora de desbloquear com a digital Suggestion Nenhum. On Pie battery saver, I have to charge my phone 4 times a day. If this is a myth or not nobody will ever know I will tell you this for sure. The battery got so damaged after 6 months that it died when battery percentage is showing as 60%   by Harvey on August 8, 2019. Sep 5, 2016 The Honor 8 is simply a rebodied P9 for most intents and purposes, and that's It does seem quite power-efficient if the battery life of the phone is any . Use a USB type C cable to charge the phone for a few hours, then attempt to power the  Twice I've had my Honor 8 out of the blue flash a low power warning then start shutting down. How To: Improve Battery Life on Your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus Grayscale Mode in iOS 8: Proof That the Next iPhone Will Sport an AMOLED Display? News: iOS 11. Its whites lean heavily towards cyan, to the tune of a DeltaE of around 11. Honor Band 5 Hands-On: The Cheap Fitness Tracker Now, onto a crucial part of the iPhone 7: the battery life. Is this a common issue? Wasn't when I was on 8. honor 8 battery dies

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